This Election Seriously Screwed Many People

Oh my bad

You forget most of those landlords are also servicing loans.

Don’t even go there. Huku biz zilifungwa kitambo. Especially in the malls.

Juzi nikienda Kericho all through the highway from Naivasha almost all commercial buildings had one or two closed businesses.

True but what good is it to have a house vacant for two to three months looking for a tenant, when you can arrange with the current one to clear his debts in lets say the next two months. It is not a permanent situation, it is just a passing cloud and all will be well. My favourite place where i like having my lunch was closed this week.

by njaanuary things will be thiiiiick

Tu-hope kutakuwa ka-mini boom hiyo Njaanuary, coz nilikua naskia ati sijui juu cabinet haijakuwa sworn in, government biz cannot proceed, so treasury cannot disburse money to the ministries, parastatals and so on. I don’t know how true this is, maybe @spear can confirm.
If it’s true though, and treasury opens the floodgates hiyo Njaanuary, hakutakuwa kubaya saaaaana.

That’s not true, the CS, PS are still there and working until they are replaced or confirmed. Ministries spend revenues according to the national budget that was passed in July. Its not on a monthly need. Wages and operations costs are also covered on the budget. The problem we have is the 40 billion revenue short fall we had due to the prolonged elections period that meant finances for ongoing projects weren’t met on time and pushed later. Waiting until January is just prolonging the problem.

kuna age limit kwa katiba on vying for president?

No there is none since the drafters who held brief for RAT knew he might need to ran severally. Infact this constituency was tailored for him. There is no room for official opposition leaders who lose and go home empty handed. The thought he would be President. God had other plans and that trap fell on him instead.

Hii pesa tu itoke biz ziko chini

Tenants wangu wame kua wakichelewa kulipa for the last 2 months…things have been thick…kwanza pahali nina work kuna petrol station mbili zime fungwa, hotel etc…hata mama flani alikua anauza vitu kwa kibanda ame funga waks

Labda tenant ame lemewa kulipa so ana vacate ama unafukuza tenat with the hopes of getting a better tenant…

Mambo ni kuongea na tenants, kuna nimepunguzia rent hadi march wakuwe wame recover. Ukifungia mtu haujasaidia, ur dependent on them being in business ndio wakulipe.

Now, a good hekaya about a nicca fucked up by elections, fuck it! Now, My wifey’s uncle am told alikuwa NRM damu, now with the supreme court ruling last week, the nigga drunk to his frustrations as if yeye ndiye baba chieth, nigga alikunywa the remaining liver, am told alihara a whole night, guys thrre thought was chorela, kumbe jamaa alihara liver yote from post mortem results, now juzi nimepeleka wife macha aende kitui, Note, singeattend cuz mwarimo bado alikuwa kwa mitihani. TOTAL DAMAGE, ABOUT 15 K. Kama sio upuzi ya Election!

That’s too cold bro,yaani unaona hasara ya 15k badala ya uhurumie mwenda zake,Jeso

When both divides of the political class resort to politics of brinkmanship, chest thumping, dick contest and high handedness the economy is bound to suffer.

I have a few rental units, catering for the industrial area folks. Things haven’t been rosy, had to ask a lady who has been my tenant since 2012, to vacate after the company she was working on, closed shop in September citing toxic business environment/Hefty tax regime and power costs. They hadn’t been paid since July. She was a great tenant, depositing the rent on the 28 of each month without fail. I have people with November arrears, they promised to pay as from tomorrow but since they are people who have never been troublesome, I had to understand them.

Dont be surprised when its a kikuyu

Visit ridgeway mall…those shops in the main building only like 2 are operating.I also noted that most of the vacated had floor tiles removed.Why is that?