This Election Seriously Screwed Many People

Yaani in the morning I walked around the neighborhood, surveying the place for about an hour. What I saw broke my heart. Businesses that had been around for at least 3 good years have all of a sudden shut down. Sio pharmacies, sio boutiques, sio mpesa, sio retail shops…it’s really messed up bana. So many “To Let” signs. Ni vile mimi pia sahii nimekaukiwa, but I would have opened a branch in a very prime location if I had a few hundred thousand shillings lying around.

I don’t know whether the situation is the same where you guys are, ama peasantry iliamua tu kutembea kwetu? I’m not necessarily blaming it all on the elections, but when you know three businesses that have been going strong for the last 3 years shutting down in a span of 3 months, then you have to put two and two together. We all know most Kenyan businesses make just enough to cover basic expenses, they rarely make enough to save for a rainy day. So when business goes down for even two months, that could spell the end for most. Even boutiques bana. I thought this Nov-Dec period was the most profitable for such kinds of business?

So what’s the solution? How can we make politics stop playing such a huge(ly devastating) role in our lives? Because if this is going to be the trend, then we better write of the whole of 2022. If you’re a businessman then you have 4 years, starting 2018, to make money.

NB: I won’t entertain tribal nonsense on this thread. @admin I’m requesting permission to equator anyone who introduces that shieeet here. Sandsana

Are you from Kondele?

Sasa iyo tribal nonsense ni nini?.. You remove baba in any election(as a candidate) and it becomes a success and the country grows expeditiously. The formula is that simple.
“In this undated photo, we see Mathighs burying his head in the sand, next to an unidentified caucasian male.”

Political contests should be held in parliament not the streets. We have made great strides over the years, we are not there yet, but we can make it.

In summary, you’re saying @Mambombaya!

Chief inbox tuongee biashara :D:D
On a serious note things have been bad. Look at the number of vehicles/properties being auctioned by banks everyday in the papers :frowning:

Any right thinking person understands what tribal nonsense means, I don’t think I need to explain it. It is possible to discuss politics without the accompanying tribal nonsense, sawa? I’m looking for a more intelligent solution to the problem, taking into consideration every stakeholder. For example, I’ve noticed that most of you who get emotional about politics usually do so after watching a news clip or reading something on social media. Plus the other “ingenious” solution of printing different newspaper headlines according to a region’s political affiliation in order to appease or whip up emotions, whichever way you want to look at it. So what is the media’s role in this whole mess?
In some countries, voting is no different from buying loaf of bread. It’s not a matter of life and death.

I as spear approve this message wholeheartedly. Take away the disruptive politics and elections will be just another event like a national holiday. That way businesses and markets carry on unaffected.

It had a big negative impact, thing become worse when maraga prolonged the period. Banks decided not to offer loans. Before election i would apply for an instant loan of like 30k using my equitel line and pay my rent. October i tried to apply for one but they would only give 10k with an insurance fee of 2k. I guess they got so many people applying for loan. Landlords should understand the situation and give their tenants a chance to get back on their feet

Wait. Hooold on. What?? Unachukua loan kulipia rent month on month? Only in this kijiji

The economy was slow even b4 the election. Business was bad then. Biz zilikua zikiumia hiyo time pia. The election simply added to the misery.

In small scale business you do not keep cash money, you buy more stock. That way you know your money is working, so what happens during this period is that after paying your employee you may run out of cash. Which other options do you have?

but he could be a businessman and the season wasn’t good. sometimes tu…

Am curious to know how the pharmacy and mpesa in your neighborhood were affected by elections that led them to close.


When there’s a general downturn it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you’ll feel it. Kama kitambo ulikuwa unakimbia kununua dawa ukiskia tu homa, halafu ugonjwa serious ikupate ka umesota, uamue utang’ang’ana tu ukihope haitakua worse, na uongeze maombi kwa mix, kitunguu haitanukia kwa mwenye pharmacy. Ama unaandikiwa madawa ka nne kwa hosi unanunua mbili kwanza alafu unajidanganya utabuy hizo zingine “soon”, unameza hizo mbili unajipata ukipona, unasema ata izo zingine mbili zinaeza kaa, kari kii? Ama kunguru anakam, ulikua umezoea kumdinya dry fry, unamwaga ndaaani alafu unamsort za P2, raundi hii unaamua utatumia withdrawal method, ama utumie CD za gava, hapo mtu wa pharmacy amelilia kwa choo. Multiply hizo scenario mara kadhaa, biz itakua chini kiasi, meanwhile expenses zake zimemaintain ama kuongezeka (say e.g kids are at home, daily expenses have shot up, ama some unforseen circumstances have increased his expenses).

They ain’t on ktalk, unfortunatelyMate, are you sure you haven’t been welcomed by two padlocks on your bedsitter??

We are here and trust me some of us landlords understand.

We are talking about business rent. Mambo ya house rent imetoka wapi tena