This dumb South African girl.

Effects of apartheid.

it’s just a debate, isn’t it?

What she wants is trying to say is that she has never heard the science as we/she knows it, explained from the Africans point of view. Basically, there must be some african out there who also sat back and watched an ofacado fall from a tree and must have considered the concept. If that african’s work exists somewhere, that would “decolonize” science.


It’s called owning a narrative. Africans have communal ownership the West has individual author (ity)

Recent scientific research claims that the he so called geniuses are not geniuses because th y simply collection d the narratives of their times from different parties and synchronized them

She talks too much ,way too much. Should be polite ,gentle and firm tone. All she is doing is just ranting and ranting .it’s like she is mad at Western countries

Africa’s history was severely destroyed and redacted by the colonialists. If they hadn’t, we’d be learning about pi from the Egyptians. Great architecture from Ghanain cities…

Mmmmmhhh…that ofacado didn’t see the end of day!

I think she’s making a solid argument passionately, which I think is a great. It’s not ranting, it’s the eagerness to get it out…


Science simply aims at defining the universe. It’s a system, a tool whose creations can be modified.

We have the scientific method which aims at removing personal and cultural prejudice from the core of research.

Its a thought provoking debate and the girl is discussing decolonizing science, she questions the fact that western inspired science ignores African traditional science.
A very interesting discussion… and before you all say that there was no African science, I will remind you that Pythagoras, the father of modern mathematics, went to study in Timbuktu University. It was considered the highest seat of learning in that period and was in the then Mali Kingdom, a black African kingdom.
At that time the brits, were living in mud huts with grass thatched roofs and were terrorised by the vikings who pillaged their villages on a regular basis. Watu huwa wametoka mbali!:D:D

The problem with Science is that it’s the same thing to everyone. 2+2 = 4 in every language. The law of gravity does not care if you are free or colonized. This woman does not understand what science is. She is floating witchcraft as an alternative to science. Huo ni ujinga. Black South Africans are notorious for this. Some time ago a health minister was talking about curing AIDS with ginger root and garlic. There is no context to that. If ginger root cured AIDS SmithKline would have a patent on it. Hii hapa ni effect ya bad basic education. She’s being asked to tackle something beyond her capabilities.

Ofocados are not native to Africa unfortunately.

A scientific fact does not have cultural or geographic area of influence.

Maybe early theorems and laws were named after European s because they were the ones advancing science. Today you’ll get your credit wherever you are.

Call it Njuguna’s Third law of motion the formula remains the same. So, #ScienceMustFall is BS

As far as history goes there is NO way Pythagoras studied in Timbuktu. Unless he lived to be at least a thousand years. Timbuktu was an Islamic city so 600 CE and later. Ilhali Pythagoras ni msee wa 500 BC.

And the great wall of Benin longer than China’sth

Very smart girl…:smiley:

Hai,ata kama!!. Hii ukisii itatumurder!!!

:D:D:D In the words of our younger bros and sisters, “You go girl!”