this dude called muita...Ngai!

This gentleman is a qualified surgeon, ako na clinic/hospitali in naivasha town, he is now running for MCA for viwandani ward…he is Dr Muita, but, I think he has some mental issues

Attach file musuri maneja.

Gari imeandikwa viwandani ward yule wa lakeview sijui ni psychiatrist

endelea kudharau MCA na vile wako na doo

Thore…viwandani ward…

Why would you suggest that He seems to be doing what all African Politicians do best (dancing )

Very smart guy, he is having fun, he may get elected, as an MCA, he will be making easy money (very easy money). He will be sitting in the County’s health committees, he will influence local tenders (did you say he has a clinic/hospitali?).

Better yet, if he doesnt get elected, people will have known about the dancing doctor, the politician doctor.

kwani khalwale ni herbalist?!

Juu anadance?

You have big penis envy, you little man.

That doc has alot of drama like Dr kaza moyo.

There is a time there was a power cut while he had a patient in his theatre.
Guess what, he completed the operation using a spot light

Niaje @Swidfil Makanje