This drink

hii ni hw much super na alcohol content yake ni?

very true…
Alafu ubaya wine and cigarette is a bad recipe. Behaves like a KMQ

‘a mild/low alcohol content one’ @kijanamrefu 39 ferking per cent alcohol content is low/mild? kwani unakunywa what percentage?

Watu wa third generation alcohol ndio hao…

Fernet-Branca is a brand of Fernet, which is a type of amaro or bitter herbal liqueur - no wine. The bitters are made from 27 herbs and other ingredients. Fernet also offers a sweeter, mint-flavored liqueur under the label “Branca Menta”.
Fernet-Branca is mainly consumed neat as a digestif.
By the way, European wines contain 9 to 15 p.c. alcohol, the classic “Sauternes” (white sweet Bordeaux) has an alcohol content of around 15 p.c.

Inakaa hakuna mtu ashawahi jaribu hii Kinywaji hapa ni porojo. Nitawapea results next week


highpriest wa evidence atahitaji na ka-vindeo pia;)

Video ya drink?

Chunga sana my friend. Viceroy, Richot na Jameson ziliharibiwa na 2nd generation manufacturers

I will now switch to VAT 69. Si mbaya.

When it comes to alcohol, the only thing am loyal to is water. I always have a 1Litre kando. Mambo ya kuamka asubuhi vowing it’s the last time unakunywa pombe sipendi

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Me nilikuwa jamaa wa black label na Jack daniels lakini nikaona siwezani na hiyo league.

Once in a while lakini si kila siku unless wewe ni Finance Officer wa Nairobi county.

nay, effects ya hiyo drink


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hawa wanakaa wamama wa cathedral choir:D:D

I meant low for a bitters. Huwa zinaexceed 60%. They aren’t for drinking kimandazimandazi. You use them to mix other drinks ama treatment ya stomach ailments.

how is the taste?

@Bhangi Iwe Huru ndio hizi herbs za cannabis quote of the day