This dirty groovy song by Rayvanny ft Diamond Tetema

I can’t get enough of it

How the hell do you listen to this chieth?

The song has almost 1 million views on the 3rd day upload. There’s a reason for that

he is a block of chieth

:smiley: 130 kg heavy?


You should watch girls in youtube twerking to tetema. Very nice

APANA TAMBUA…This video received 1 million views in its first 35 minutes and 55 milllion views in 24 hours.

these are videos meant to air from 10pm onwards…ama kwa club saa sita.ubaya hapa kwetu utapata inachezwa ata kwa “the beat” at 5 pm wakati juniour wanatoka school

I think this song is banned from being played in Tanzania airwaves

Kenya is the dumping ground for TZ grade D music.