This Day in History....USS Cole bombing...

On the morning of Thursday, 12 October 2000, USS Cole, under the command of Commander Kirk Lippold, docked in Aden harbor for a routine fuel stop. Cole completed mooring at 9:30; and began refueling at 10:30.
Around 11:18 local time (08:18 UTC), a small fiberglass boat carrying C4 explosives and two suicide bombers approached the port side of the destroyer and exploded, creating a 40-by-60-foot (12 by 18 m) gash in the ship’s port side

Around 400 to 700 pounds (180 to 320 kg) of explosive were used. Much of the blast entered a mechanical space below the ship’s galley, violently pushing up the deck, thereby killing crew members who were lining up for lunch.
Seventeen sailors were killed and 39 were injured in the blast.
The attack was the deadliest against a U.S. naval vessel since the Iraqi attack on USS Stark on 17 May 1987. The asymmetric warfare attack was organized and directed by the terrorist organization al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda had previously attempted a similar but less publicized attack on the U.S. Navy destroyer USS The Sullivans while in port at Aden on 3 January 2000, as a part of the 2000 millennium attack plots. The plan was to load a boat full of explosives and explode it near The Sullivans. However, the boat was so overladen that it sank, forcing the attack to be abandoned.

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is that hole 12 by 18 metres?

Their is a good TV series called “The Looming Tower” 2018 that explains this and other terrorist events leading to 9/11. From bomb blast here at usa embassy to 9/11. It was made from the memoirs of the late fbi director who predicted alqaeda would be a global terrorist group and enemy no. one while the usa leaders ignored and focused on President Sadaam. He ironically died on the twin towers during the attack as he had retired from fbi to be head of security at the tower.

One thing which strikes me was the honesty of the book and TV series. The crew that bombed uss cole were 2 adults and one boy. The boy played a big role in getting the boat so close to the warship. He was cheering the sailors as they came close. They thought they were just eager fishermen and fans. Up to this point no small boat had attacked a warship so they just waved and cheered back. They got too close and detonated the bomb critically damaging the ship and killing sailors. The boy was on a suicide mission and the most radicalized of them. He had survived a usa missile attack in Afghanistan that targeted his family. 50 people in that camp died when a missile striked. His entire family died. He found his brother dead on top of him, they were playing football when they got bombed. On the last prayer before heading to attack the ship, the boy gave a powerful speech that made the others cry.

If you have time watch it.