This Country is Full of Backward Posers Who Pretend to Be Intelligent

How small a brain do Kenyhns collectively have? This is the sentiment being shared widely on social media


Personally I stopped trying to understand Kenyans a long time ago when I realised 90 percent are just loud mouths who can’t reason beyond tribal lines.

Get yourself few friends whom you reason alike and close family, hao raia wengine if there is no immediate gain waone kama fauna, to please your eyes and ears and you will live a peaceful life.

Mickymafi, huyo jamaa amesema ukweli. If Uhuru means well, let him go and open the factory in Kakamega, Narok, Kisii, Kisumu etc. Why take all the most important national resources to Kiambu!?

he will not and there is nothing you can do about it. Unataka ifunguliwe huko ndio muibe silaha za serikali. it makes 100 prcent sense to keep important national resources in a centralized place where they are easily defensible


That is why you’re a mickimafi with stupid brain and equally stupid threads.

you on the other hand, have no brain.

both things can exist at the same time. They are both equally important

Those things exist but have been misused and others left to fall to ruin.
The Machakos one was converted into the Governors office.
Taita…the farmers stopped using theirs due to evasion of paying storage charges.
Other examples exist.

If we follow the constitution on distribution of resources most of these things would not happen

Wewe and the person you are criticising have the same reasoning.

Wacheni kusumbua.

Uhuru is soon retiring,all his schemes will end,aulize Goodlack Jonathan.

By the way huyo jamaa ako na point. Questions definitely will be raised. It doesn’t look good at all when looked at with a certain lens. Moi , Jomo etc tried to avoid such scenarios. Luos will also demand a factory… just in case… :wink:

And the gun business never ends well, the U.S is living proof.

:D:D:D Mnasema Uhuru awache scheming?

Hakuna ufala hapo…next time someone fucks around with certain big wigs…hcignum might show up with slotsip not settehcam…i said that in another thread kwanza na hii reltsuh vs ytsanyd thing.
Si pi pi eye ni kama ime flop na running mates are at loggerheads…si nimesoma hapa mahali vile police stations zimeincrease r.valley na intelligence briefs say the youth have been radicalised…this line of thought holds some water…time will tell…its only a matter of time.
Like i said before…sisi ndio tutableed sisi ndio tutaumia.

Ruiru is an industrial town.

There is a bullet factory in Eldoret

The kangaroo courts in the streets hadn’t dug information before attacking. Thanks for silencing this motherfuckerz.

Hata hakuna kitu ya maana wewe nasema

Wariahe niache tu in peace before I reset your head to default settings.