This could be a bloodbath. How do you get out?

Thousands waiting to be evacuated. The U.S army left first and left thousands on their own.

How do they get out of this?


Biden is a great mistake

that evacuation isn’t going to be completed come end of august, everyday there is an increasing numbers of people making their way to the airport, and without forgetting them aghanis who haven’t received their visas yet of which they are still be processed. lucky are those who have been flown out.

Biden is not aware if he is alive. Haka kamzee dementia ina kamaliza.

Still wondering what thousands of Americans who are allegedly still in Afghanistan were doing ,cheki hio warning .town after town is falling and ur there just scratching ur arsehole !


If they touch an american watafinywa.

The US government is in good terms with the Taliban currently, isn’t it?

He needs to be removed ASAP. Trump would not have allowed this nonsense

Americans are done probing Afghan, that’s why they left it as it is, from a tactical view, they did the unmentionables. At a strategic point, they achieved what they had gone for. Maybe oil, trade routes, alliances, something. One day we shall know what it was.

Yes mistake to you.

Wauwawe maumbwa. Americans deserve worse

Commissioner where do you get the strength to … ama wacha tu

Lakini Petco hukuangi fair, when Trump used and dumped the Kurds and left them at the mercy of Turkey mbona huku criticize?

Because people are partisan and there is no better display of it than politics. It’s ALWAYS justified when your guy does it. It’s ALWAYS unacceptable when the other guy does the same.

Absolutley! Its easier to pull down the (democrat) opponent who is up. In concert with like minded others, ours truly relishes every opportunity to do that in us politics.

Afghanis wapambane na hali yao. Mzito Biden hana time ya upuss hapana tambua bloody fukin paki.