This bullshit mackenzie story is becoming a shitstorm

For the love of God. We do not give a shit . Natural selection had its way.
When you get born out of inferior genetics with brains the size of peanuts, you become a loser and repetitive topic in the news.

Those hunger infested brain washed cunts were low life imbeciles with absolutely no appreciation for the gift of life.

Now can we all please go back to how the hell do we still have the same kenventana fonts on this forum.

Relax budaa, a guy has just narrated how quitters were being strangled to avoid leaking any info.

Ivi ndio unaongea na karibu ujinyonge juzi tuu?

Porojo za kishenzi hizo. A man at the whiskers of death where there are no guns will do anything to get out.
Strangled haiezi zuia shit

Wewe hata hujui you can threaten to do anything on this forum with a huge banana smile behind the screen. Meffi

next time tuta ku encourage uende ujirushe menengai kreta.

Nilikuwa barnabus 4 yrs ago banae sikujirusha