This book should amended

How on earth can you incorporate the Name of a deity in these kind of practice. Very disgusting. Tupeni mawe nimevaa helmet[ATTACH=full]347727[/ATTACH]

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Huyo ni 46-year-old Arabian baller @Bingwa Scrotum after kupewa ultimatum na clan mzima, atafute bibi ama awe excommunicated.

Shida ni amekwachu grand daughter. I agree with the OP hii ni uduanzi wa hali ya juu from @Binjwa Scrotum

Says a fellow in his 40s who refuses to settle with his agemates ati wamegonga the wall.

You want that baby that has just stopped suckling it’s mama’s titty… how are you any better???

na hapo watu wako tu sawa.
but jaribu kusema aboshon, ooh the child has a right to live, ooh ofending the creator…

Book: a handwritten/ printed work, usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within covers.
Calendar: a table or register with the days of each month and week in a year.

so hawa mambuyu waisilamu mtu anagonga 50 years then anapewa dem wa 11 years kama present wife vile Muhamad alifanya . @Bingwa Scrotum @mayekeke tumieni hii narrative while selling islam you definitely will convert alot of people na sijasema ni mimi

So its halal to sieks a child in islam? Those pedos bora shark week imeonekana,msichana is ready for the picking

Child abuse at its worst