This Andrew Kibe is one bitter man

Sasa ni nini anasema hapa? If you can’t see how this man is just a bitter old drunk, you need help

Go and tell your nyanye…kibe is right

Who gives a sh’t about this balding toad…every day kibe this…kibe that…

[SIZE=5]Kibe is a very dangerous man. Kuna siku @uwesmake was transferred to Nakuru for work purposes (He’s a watchman)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Long story short he met with Kibe at a restaurant hapo Naks, @uwesmake was offered 150 bob for a forty minute session of ‘Bottom up economics’ which he gladly accepted.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@uwesmake 's rectum has never recovered since.[/SIZE]

Their was a time, na huko mwanzo mwanzo when he used to do his thing on a roof top hapo langata… Those were days I would care to listen to him… He was OK…

But as time goes by, that ranting of his gets old and tiresome… Not bothered anymore
. And what the hell happened to his ka radio station?

Wewe mbona unamskiza? Shenzi.

Kibe ako sawa. Feminized men ndio wanamchukia.

Andrew Kibe ameongelelewa saaana and he’s just doing his shiet… Mwenye anataka kumskize amskize… Mwenye hataki anyurie.

He’s an entertainer who is curving a niche for himself. He now uploads about 3 long videos on YouTube daily.

That’s some serious dedication. Hizo vitu controversial you husema are just for clout and attention. Controversy sells. He’s not a mad man as some purport

Kibe amekula pesa ya @Purple sana

niko nyuma ya Kibe

Everyone who criticizes Kibe talks about how ‘he’s a drunk’ who ‘cannot keep a job’, where is his ‘ka’ radio station, and that if you agree with Kibe ‘you need to be checked’ if you cannot réalise he’s a bitter old drunk.
Not even a word against his message. Everyday the man makes a 1.5 to 2hr live show on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.he plays music, gets live calls, people contribute to his mpesa, and he comes to the show with a different topic. Everyday without fail. Which drunk has such dedication to anything other than alcohol.
His topics are usually pro-men especially pro-young men. People who come ranting here about Kibe never once disagree with the content of his message. They rather chose to disparage the messenger.

Men you need to get your shit together, Change your world view and stop being too lambistic/effeminate. It’s a mans world. Reclaim your manhood.

Enyewe ukweli usemwe Kiberiti is coping really hard. Not that i disagree with what he says but siku hizi it’s like the guy is going insane. Probably maybe because he hasn’t gotten over his divorce(therefore bitter)or he’s just your run-of-the-mill lowlife who can’t hold down a job and the hype is gone. Being broke and jobless in your 40s is not a joke. It’s depressing banae. Siku hizi few people are paying attention to him. He has nothing to offer to people now na anazidi akisahaulika for good.

Kibe ako sawa…i have personally contributed to him. Kuna Tshirt nataka kwake inajiita Feed the Beast. With a downward arrow pointing to the dic

Hiyo tshirt Yako in a point to your kinyambis


Tombwa nyangau mafi ya segere