Thirsty Nairobi women



chocha tu. jamaa akitokea wanaanza maringo

Ngoja pick up artist @MikeOck a land na theory zake za Andrew Tate

LOL, another member of Cute Boys Association registered. Sasa ona wanaume wenye wivu wataanza kumshambulia :D:D:D

[SIZE=5]Shairman wa ‘cute’[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]flexible men[/SIZE][SIZE=4] [/SIZE][SIZE=5]association, thread ya kisenge senge hii, needs some cleansing!! Riswaa[/SIZE]



Unafanya nini kwa group ya wamama? Ama unauza mkia?

Nice … very beautiful ladies


Huyu wa mwisho this must be photoshop. Ama shetani kweli ana nguvu weeh!

@cortedivoire sales his anus for a living [ATTACH=full]485942[/ATTACH]

Women and hypocrisy. Guy vs iPhone. Its the iPhone, then the guy. Trust me.

It confirms one thing: Women were just being suppressed in the other generations… They will be as promiscuous as men or even worse… I can bet that many women will start walking 95% naked to attract men… it’s getting desperate for them to be laid!

LOL, niliwaambia nini?


Hii ndio female version ya kusalimiana chronicles