Thinking In Mother Tongue And Expressing Ourselves In English Ndio Huleta Shida

Sisi ni watumwa.

@Ndindi Nyoro unajaribu kusema nini?

Kizungu ni ngumu !!!

That is what it is. Fluency in native or first language leads to strong societies. Look at Japan, China, Germany, France. They do their shit in native languages but here in Bonobostan mnachapa watoto wakiongea mother tongue.

Read and consult widely and stop displaying your ignorance here.

the role of first language in human development

We have a long way to go kama HOUSE NEGROES kama wewe ndio tunagemea. People now are gauged depending on how fluent they are in foreign languages

Even Professor Ngugi Wathiongo keeps on emphasizing this FACT but for negroes like you who possess three functioning brain cells it is impossible to comprehend this basic reality.

Watoto wa siku hizi can’t speak or write good Kiswahili or English or their native language, they are poor in ALL languages, they write Shit such as xaxa

Dindu just die

Come and kill me mathaka

alafu unaenda Tokyo na Beijing unapatana na Kenyan English teachers

That’s true. When we were in lower primary school and kindergarten, the language of instruction was mother tongue. Then tukaanza kufunzwa na English from std four upwards. That’s why our generation has good command of several languages be it vernacular, English, Kiswahili, French,Spanish etc

Do people do that? How do you even do that … how I’m I supposed to think in Pokot? It’s fucking ridiculous…

True…Africans need to understand English is not a measure of intelligence…you are already good at Swahili and your native mother tongue…that is already a sign of high IQ…i had an uncle who was a choppie from primary to uni and all the times he travelled to other countries courtesy of the company his secretary always had antidotes of how he always got under the mzungus skin by insisting he only understands Kikuyu nigga was the G…high IQ but understood being African was the best way to be respected… secretary alitembea I Dunia sana kama translator kabla a pass

Kizungu ni kigumu…:D:D

Tena si kingereza?

Kenyan teachers of English :D:D:D:D:D

Hii kijiji taua mimi siku moja:D:D:D:D

Ni Kiingereza.

I agree. Kikuyu should be made a national language forthwith. Mambo ya kizungu twachie wazungu