Think Long Term

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The Chinese bamboo tree, takes five years underground when planted, and when it emerges it takes four weeks to reach a height of 40 feet .
Tafakari hayo.


Back in the days, when Thika was been fronted as an industrial town (from 1992 counting backwards), the town had less than 30 industries.
In the 1st term of President Ronald Regan of the USA, 70,000 freaking manufacturing companies closed shop in the US and moved based to China.
All the Chinese did was provide the infrastructure needed and labor, Americans brought in Machinery, technology , expertise and trained the Chinese.
70,000 company was the starting point, as many others followed in their hundred thousands.
What about if these 70k company were dropped in the wider East Africa region, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, each with a minimum of 3,000 employees ? With prospects of more following ?


True, Modern day China started its revolution in 1979, after just 44 Years, China is a Superpower with Bullet trains, Space Rovers, ICBMs, 5th Generation fighter jets and everything in between

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technology transfer followed by high revenues meant China could easily invest in serious infrastructure.

In Kenya today are capable of seizing the opportunity if such companies brought their factories to Kenya. We have the workforce but are the conditions favorable to industrialize?