Things you should not do when driving an automatic car

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In the spirit of equal representation as enshrined in the new constitution, I have taken the liberty to include the Footsubishi version as espoused below:

1. Going down ramps and staircase kiholelaholela:
The reason why most people do this is to reduce on ugali consumption. However, the truth of the matter is that with gravity when coasting downhill with the individual body in gear, the lungs cuts fuel to the muscles. This means that you are only using the legs to power the feet as the lungs are automatically shut off. As such you do not need to walk passively wailing your hands all over the place to save on ugali. The danger in putting the body on neutral is that you reduce the ability of controlling yourself, which can prove to be disastrous in case of an emergency due to the fact that you can hit someone’s crotch with your hands or step on a hawker’s tomato. Engaging neutral walk can end up costing you a lot of money in repairs and replacing worn out knees and trapezium-shaped shoe soles.

2. When changing walking direction ensure that you come to a stop before moving backwards:
It could be one of those days that you are in a hurry such that when changing direction for example while running away from tear-gas, you change direction while the still in motion. When you shift tangent while in motion, for example, from walk to run, or vice versa, you use your knees rather than the heel of your feet to stop the body. The body will actually stop but you will end up wearing out your knee. The knee cap fluid is hard to access making its repair and replacement expensive and time consuming as opposed to shoe soles which are easy to access and service.

3. Do not put your put your ass on a chair in park till you have come to a complete stop:
Again you might be in a hurry and fail to completely stop your feet before sitting. When you sit down, a locking pin is inserted into your spine that is connected to your mental alertness output shaft. Your legs your body are connected to your mental output shaft such that when seated shaft is locked your legs cannot move as quickly. If you happen to sit in a hurry when your body is still moving, you can easily shear the spine and even break it, which would call for costly repairs. In a situation where you need to stop your body and if your shoe soles are not working, rather than engaging force sitting just slow down from run to walk to slow down the body.

4. Launching your body:
This is whereby a walker bends at an obtuse angle and digs into the ground at 4:59:59 p.m. waiting to dash out of the office. Walkers rev their bodies while in half-seated and shifts to run to enable one to zoom off at a high speed. However, by doing this you are wearing out the shoes and legs which, as it were, is expensive to repair. If you have to launch, move back to clear the area, creep forward gently, silently open the door and once out shout, TGIF.

You guys are not serious. I’ve been doing this for more than ten years now. Hapo juu kinungi petrol station all the way to Naivasha junction, then kibunja down to the salgaa bridge. About fuel saving, when i roll down at 100km/h in D, the RPM is at about 3k but at N it comes down to around 400. Again when i’m going downhill in gear and i engage the brake coz of a slow moving vehicle, the RPM goes up as if i’m downshifting. Can you guys enlighten me now. Nini inaharibika na Neutral?

Wet and dry clutch issues


The only thing i realised when coasting in Neutral ni the brake pedal ilikuwa soft, then kurudisha D inakaa ni kama imejaza fluid inainuka. Sikujua the explanation behind all that, but toka hio siku sijawai jaribu tena.

I didn’t know this shit. Very helpful

A lot of things must be passing you by with your woman troubles.

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Hand brake ni ya kazi gani by the way?

It’s an art form in a manual car

Clutch in… Shift to first… depress throttle hadi kwa floor… revs zikifika 6K, release the clutch then pull the ebrake … take it down, counter steer, and keep throttling…


Ebrake ni BN mathree ya Mtwapa ama?

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