Things you can do - Manufacturing - production of car engine oil filters

We can produce these and save millions in import dollar demands…

setting up a small factory like the ones shown below will cost around 7million KES.

Instead of buying plots in Kamulu joska and juja farm… this would be a great venture for risk takers.

Safi sana. I watch channels like this every day. There’s so many opportunities in manufacturing it s ridiculous

This is a good idea.
Kenya should start going this way


Gachagua has a big company supplying hot air with a stuff of 2 and it brings in billions.

Try these and everyone will come for you to make sure it fails unless you have real connection

Soja @uwesmake will prefer sniffing glue and eating mukombero at kimilili market to later safisha rungu na cheap mulembe whores than use his brain to do anything .

It starts at the top. But I know politicians in Africa would rather have a population depending on handouts rather than an empowered society. It’s easier to control

Not really guys are doing coolants, though on a small scale. Pole pole people will shift to such

just start small scale kabla wagundue whats happening uko mbali sana

I enjoy watching such videos. Especially from India and Pakistan.

Tulisema tuwache hii low IQ juakali nonsense