Things will never be the same,..........

It was a beautiful story, of a young, poor and illiterate boy educating himself. His inspiration was from books, and he determined to change his environment, or at least of those in it.

And now years after an unlikely love between Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner working on helping girls at Kibera and many decorated stories globally, the couple and their NGO are now under investigation.
The IRS, NGO board of Kenya among other agencies are investigating financial misappropriation. This is all after Madonna’s visit where she mentioned their organization Shofco as doing a good job in girls education, poverty eradication, water and sanitation improvement. This obviously would lead to more funding. At least 7 million people read her post.
The couple allegedly rewarded themselves with Kshs 70 million over the last three years.

Na MTU hapa amesema Kenyans are thieves


Kenyans are gullible, when they see a mzungu or anybody who has been to the states, then anything such a person says is the gospel truth. You can pack cowdung in cans and ask a mzungu to sell them and kenyans will stumble on each other to buy a few cans.

“Say when mi look up ina mi life its plain to see.
That its never gonna be the same.
Take another step on towards my destiny.
But the memories still remain.
Deep ina mi brain inna mi soul I hold the key.
Said its never gonna be the same.
Throughout all life and beyond all eternity.
I keep burnin up the flame.”

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The poverty industrial complex

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nation have taken down the story but its still available kwa google cache

Charity founders under probe for financial malpractice claims

A Kenyan man and his American wife are being investigated for allegedly pocketing millions of shillings from their charity organisation that helps to educate poor girls in Nairobi’s Kibera slum.

Mr Kennedy Odede, co-founder and president of Shining Hope for Communities (Shofco), earned more than Sh35 million in “personal compensation” in just the past three years, US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents show.

His wife and Shofco co-founder Jessica Posner-Odede received a similar amount, adding up the couple’s income to Sh70 million over the period.

This means the couple takes home a combined average income of Sh2 million a month (or Sh24 million a year) for running Shofco.

This is the local NGO that hosted legendary US singer-songwriter Madonna Ciccone when she visited Kibera before meeting with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, and pledging to chip in on the Beyond Zero campaign.

Madonna, 57, took photos of slum children and a storm drain overflowing with sewage, which she posted on her Instagram page.

Some 15 million eyeballs hit Madonna’s page; that is more than seven million potential donors to the numerous charities that have been working in Kibera for years.

The superstar mentioned Shofco on her page, poising the NGO for more donations.

Shofco has been celebrated for providing free quality primary education to girls in Kibera and linking the community to essential services such as clean water and health care.

But it has recently come under criticism over suspicious spending of donor funds and super-inflated salaries of executives.

The NGO Coordination Board, the State regulator for NGOs working in the country, has placed the entity in the “high risk” category over suspected misappropriation of funds.

The board’s chairman, Mr Fazul Mohammed, said Shofco falls under the charity sector where directors work on a voluntary basis, meaning they should earn even less than employees.

“We have already placed that NGO under investigation,” Mr Mohammed told the Nation. “If we find any malpractice or that they are using donor money to benefit individuals, we will take stern action on both the individuals and the organisation.”

In a recent circular, the board ordered NGOs to harmonise salaries after it emerged that expatriates were awarding themselves hefty payments compared to their local counterparts.

Financial documents seen by the Nation reveal that as recently as 2014, Shofco got more than Sh300 million in donations from the US.

Attempts to reach the couple for justification of the amount were futile as they did not respond to emails and text messages.

However, their lawyer Paul Momanyi Nyaosi told the Nation in a letter that “the information you seek relating to his compensation and how other monies are utilised at Shofco is confidential as it touches on its internal affairs”.

According to the IRS documents, Shofco’s governing committee “determines the compensation for the COO (chief operating officer, Ms Posner-Odede) on an annual basis by utilising their knowledge as well as available reports documenting compensation of top managers at other similar organisations”.

Shofco received about Sh900 million between 2011 and 2014 in “grants and contributions”, the documents show.

This information is recorded in publicly accessible Form 990 filings that were personally made by Mr Odede and his wife to the US Government.

The IRS’s Form 990, or the “Return of Organisation Exempt From Income Tax”, provides the public with financial information about an NGO.

In 2014, the form shows that Sh34 million donated to Shofco went into their Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic, Sh33 million was ploughed into Kibera School for Girls and Sh29 million into their Kenya Program Operations Department.

However, some Sh67 million was spent in “programme services” that the Odedes did not specify in the IRS documents.

The same year, 2014, the couple paid themselves Sh21 million in personal compensation.

slums in nairobi will never end. there is a massive chain of local and international ngos that benefit from these overseas donations. hata gava ikiwai pata pesa ya kujengea kila mtu kibera a mansion in muthaiga, there will be a huge uproar locally and internationally. kenya hata itaweza pigwa sanctions haha.

a law should be passed that if you setup an NGO to help people in the slum, kwanza utafute nyumba huko ndani uishingi huko permanently. hakuna hii upuzi ya kushuttle daily between mathare and runda.


No shiny eyed brown toothed mungiki/ress was involved here.
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