Things Will Never Be The Same Again!!!!

ass mio supporters can dismiss yesterday’s revelation by kamelon that raila shortchanged him but I can tell them for free that it was a big blow to tinga. The perception that was created yesterday is that he cannot be trusted.

kamelon achieved his objective of painting tinga as the biggest betrayer around. Ata akina uhuru sasa wameanza kueka mikakati kuhakikisha that old babu does not do the same to them. Things will never be the same again!!!

Bonoboste uko apa ukilia about Azimio 24/7 yet your master ameenda kulia US na UK ati kura yake itaibiwa. Shouldnt that be a major concern for you guys??

He said no votes will be stolen.

Bonoboste kwa kutwist maneno m akuanga masters sana. Unataka kusema niliskia na kuona maskio yangu??

I commend you guys for the job that you do. I’m sure the pay is good. Wale wa azimio wamelalia kazi sana.

Peasants should know non of the candidates cares for them.

Ass mio sio azimio. Dont cry

Finish that obnoxious twat

He said some people are trying to rig by using intimidation and violence. Then akasema the economy is rigged against the common man and that should change.

Hii ni kama Kamala Harris kwenda abroad kulia lia about her govt where she is no 2 na umekwamilia hio serikali kama kupe. Shows how stupid one is.

nimejikuna kichwa while watching a video of some njoroge from nakuru going on a passionate plea to WSR asking him to make sure his vote haitaibiwa.


nobody will steal WSR votes. They will try, but the will not succeed. David Chirchir is back in the game.

Who is chirchir in the grand scheme of things btw? And why do you have your trust in him?

Raila never learns zero strategy ,zero tactics …