Things we do for love... Nimecheka leo

Jana ilibidi niende to my local DIY store (duka ya vitu za mjengo) I needed to get some timber juu I’m doing a shed plus gate ya garden.

Nikaenda section ya bricks and mortar juu nataka kujenga barbeque ya nguvu kama ya @introvert .

Hapo ndiyo napatana na beste ya mine from way back when nilikuwa namjua with work.
He is from Ghana and we were really tight zamo and at one stage I rented a room in his house vile wife alinichuja.
He was involved with a Kenyan kunguru and walai huyo manzi vile alikuwa anaenjoy huyu msee I really didn’t like her.

Kidogo we all go our separate ways alafu siku moja he called me to announce that place alihamia, he fell in love with neighbor yake single mother mlami and that he is totally in love.

Rule Number one in the Fisi’s Creed is that Though shalt not shag or fall in love with thy Neighbor.

But I know this guy and how trusting and naive he is.

As a trusted friend nikamwambia Tu kiroho Safi I don’t think it’s a good idea juu it was bound to get awkward wakikosana.
Both have bought their homes on a terraced street kama hii


Few months on wakaowana and they are now living together with the four kids between them.
Jamaa ana kapointi from a previous relationship but she gets on with her stepsisters.

They both can’t agree on who will give up their house and move in with the other.
In the end, jinga ikabomoa the wall separating the two homes and now they have a big six bedrooms house .

This not only breaks building regulations but also mortgage rules and they both know it.

Sasa Jana nakutana na jamaa he was busy shopping for bricks , plastering materials etc…
Nikamuuliza niaje kwani ako na project?..

Jinga ikaniambia ati walikosana na wife yake mlami na amempatia one week ajenge ukuta yake place walikuwa wameweka mlango.
He has this weekend to seal the door or ex-wife anamuitia kanjo amseti! Kikikikkkk…!!!

Jamaa ametafuta builder akakosa juu none of them want to do an “illegal” job so imebidi jamaa ajitengenezee yeye mwenyewe.

Enyewe story ya mapenzi ni comedy.
I couldn’t help but laugh out loud in his face akinitilia hii story.

Yeye haelewi nini inanichekesha.

:D:D:D:D:D oh man.
Love can turn the best of us into bloody idiots.

How do you raise young kids in such street…?

A majority of people in the UK live on such streets.
There is always a big park size ya Uhuru park next to these estates and they are fully equipped with all the facilities kids need from ball game pitches to swings, cycle areas etc…

Last week Kuna jamaa.mtaani alijidunga visu kadhaa kwa tumbo juu ya dame …jamaa mwenyewe ako na bima x6 biz poa poa …

You can’t be in love and be smart…and when love is not madness that’s not love. That’s why people fall in love and you know what happens when you fall? Ouuuch!

Sasa nimejua kwanini alikuwa surprised wewe ulipokuwa unacheka hii scanerio yake alipokuwa anakusimulia. He is in love.

Regardless what love is precious, Goldy and the truest of all truth.

I love you!

hizo tunyumba si ni ndogo sana ndani.

Mvumbistan mijinga hako ni kachochoro huku Kiambusbury…
Huoni nyuma kunakaa gardens

Huko uk kunakuanga na mchanga ama vumbi kweli.Movies na documentaries za uk kila mahali inaonyesha kuko green.

Sio wewe nilikua nauliza
Jipe shughuli… go play outside or something.

My concern is the road mtoi anaeza toka kwa hao akimbie barabara achotwe.

KB wewe ni mwenda. Oya thimu in kendo 5 mins.

Kabuda keep us posted especially kama hiyo ng’ombe itatimiza hilo kwa makataa ya wiki moja

love story ni tricky sana my friend nyumba ilichomwa 6 bed room house, jama akadungwa na kisu kwa mkono na kunguru(wife yake who she meet kwa club na amezaa nayeye 1kid but she came with 1 and now 2 kids plus a young brother in law) above that kunguru inamangwa mtaa na anajua but can’t do anything ati anampenda. He called me na tukaita akina @pamba waweke hii wife yake ndani juuu ya kuchoma hao but jioni ikifika alikuwa ashaenda na kuitoa i just told him f**ck of with your life and dont ever call me na hizi shida zako.

pole kaBaba …usilie, meffi

… nyoka mdaku once again jipe shughuli.

With all due respect, this neighborhood looks so desolate and better for introverted people who love solitude. I know its not he exact setting for the story, but this place looks like it has no life in it. No sense of life around it.

On the main topic, there are a few things worth noting:

  1. Never ever fall in love or marry a white woman, especially the supremacists. They can mess you up big time, I know guys who have been deported from China and the USA for wrongful blames.
  2. Dont ever marry a woman with kids. Its disaster, some of these kids were born of criminals and heartless beings. When they grow up, they can easily decide to terminate your life.
  3. Always follow rules wherever you go, however stupid they may seem. Huyo mguyz anabomoa nyumba in contravention to building bylaws.

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Love is for the birds.

Now you can understand Trump’s fascination with walls. :smiley: