Things have fallen apart

“Mt Kenya is naked, and its people will have nowhere to hide their shame. Only those in the valleys will survive the wrath of the gods” (Prophet Owuor)
Alikua anamaanisha nini?

you also believe this Photoshop by mwenda?

Corona good for the planet less pollution…
Even cows are enjoying the empty beaches in France .[ATTACH=full]296818[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]296819[/ATTACH]

Why put that picture there?
Its time they set aside a bed for you at Mathare

That Kikuyus will face the wrath of gods but the protection And favor of God

He has a point though,Kikuyus of today are not the same who fought the beberus.The current one is driven by greed and entitlement.
Something need to happen to them especially those living in the larger central province so that they can appreciate why coexisting is important.
Dudes are eating that which belongs to their parents and grandparents without batting an eyelid.

I know right? While the rest are enterprisingly ignoring their parents wealth and creating their own

Hata MPigs wako kwa beach na tutoto twao

What if the parents are mkono gum

Even if it’s a Photoshop there are some mornings you can see Mt Kenya from Nairobi.
There was a time I used to live in Zimmerman in an elevated apartment near the highway and there are many mornings I could see it out of my window mostly between daybreak and 9am.
After that it’s hard to see it.