Things cut in half

Electric motorcycle



Female gorilla

250 lbs woman vs 120 lbs woman

Colgate toothpaste

Leica camera lens

Airbus A300


World’s largest container ship

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:D:D:D:D illustration of hate speech.

Hii ndio shida ya kuwa idle on Friday na Unlimited internet…Kwenda Youtube anaglia Alien Theories…

pussy ndefu kweli kweli on the 250lb female.

siwes. attention span yangu ni kidogo sana

hiyo mbisha ya 200lbs isnt loading? @Musau

Anaglia kitu ingine ya maana…mimi naresearch juu ya Booze…hii Black&White si Changáa? can’t find it on the web…

It is probably 10Gb and your peasant Internet can not handle it.

Please state clearly your height and weight in kilos :smiley:
Na hapo kwa sheep they have misled us


imeload…ile mafuta iko hapo,bidco refineries ni childs play

Yes I can…on condition that you inbox three duly sworn affidavits (one from yourself and two others from reputable Kenyan witnesses) averring that the information submitted shall not whatsoever and in any manner be used against the respondent or their agent(s) by the petitioner for his personal gain / advantage or in a manner likely to malign, misrepresent and or vilify her character.:smiley:

Za wale wasee hupenda madame point 5.

250 lb woman ako na Knock knees.


My word is good, you can even bank on it and take a loan at Equity Bank :smiley:

Haiyaa…the men mum warned me about, those who start statements with possessive pronouns in the same sentence with words like loan, good, even and bank.:D:D


Hii ungeweka spioler juu si ya mwisi.

Mkamba hajui tofauti ya half na cross section area.

Ni mujinga saidi.