things are just getting started on Gatheca and DP



It will be messy as Weta said

Wetangula said it will be loud, it will be noisy and at the same time it will be messy

Let us hope not. Alai is a gun for hire

I read somewhere that it it were the times of Gatheca senior, he’d be gone already

Is this what someone was alluding to when he said that RAT saved WANJOHI?
I think there was a video to that effect yesterday.

Different times different methods

Alai = Wanker

whether it is Alai, or Itumbi they are one of the same


President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered DCI George Kinoti to investigate claims of a plan to assassinate Deputy Presiden William Ruto.

According to multiple sources in Ruto’s office, the DP complained to the President that some Cabinet Secretaries and senior state officials had been conducting meetings to plan how to eliminate him.

“The President then instructed DCI George Kinoti to investigate the matter and arraign those involved, if indeed there was such a plot,” a source said. Kinoti confirmed that Ruto made the claim but said they will commence investigations once he records a statement.

“This is a very serious allegation and we will treat it as such,” he said.

There was a flurry of activity over the weekend in State House after Ruto complained.

Mr Kinoti is said to have assigned the head of Economic Crime Unit Michael Sang to lead the investigation into the alleged plot designed to scuttle Dr Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid that has sucked in three Cabinet secretaries.
Officials aware of the probe, however, say Superintendent Sang was unable to meet Ruto on Monday, with other reports indicating that the investigator had been told to ask his boss to talk to the DP.
“(Sang) was kept waiting for the better part of Monday afternoon in vain. We are still waiting for the way forward,” said an informed officer who asked not to be named.
Inspector-General of Police Hilary Mutyambai is said to have reached out to Ruto on Monday, explaining why it was important to have his statement taken, as it was the basis of the probe.
But highly placed sources said the DP insisted that only Kinoti could interview him.
At his level, the DCI assigns those to handle various cases based on their experience and expertise. Sang, a seasoned detective, is a former Head of Investigations at the Capital Markets Authority. The storm was started by the DP when he approached the President and informed him he had been told some members of the Executive had held a meeting in Nairobi allegedly to plot his assassination.
This was also captured in a letter claimed to be addressed to the President detailing those who were present at the meeting and the alleged agenda.
Police are also keen to establish the origin of the letter that many believe was forged to trigger the saga.
“Many believe the letter was intentionally authored by people who knew what they wanted,” said another detective.
After the President was informed of the development, he called a meeting with his security bosses at State House, Nairobi on Saturday.

it’s now adding up…but coming from Alai I doubt the credibility

It scares me to imagine that one day i will wake up n find that kenya is not the kenya I used to know

Alai Ni ghassia

Alai anakuaga na real intel. [SIZE=1]Hii ata mimi nishai skia[/SIZE]

The stakeholders will ensure Kenya will never fall a part

Alai achunge, anaweza jipata cell hii weekend.

How did Raila save Wanjohi? Explain…

Unasema pole pole, Gatheca senior was a badman lakini he would have never wiped out his number 2. Maybe the number two dog’s kama kina sudi na murkomen.


Ooh really…kenyans wako na hii ujinga you see with women. Ile ya, I’m special or it will never happen to me.

So Alai heard a story that was widely reported in the mass and social media? These bloggers or whatever they are called wanajifanyanga sana