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Mdenge akileta noma unaweka suitcase unarudisha kwao.
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Shock After Woman’s Body Stuffed In Suitcase Found Dumped Outside Rental Houses In Ruiru
Moses Ngige
By Moses Ngige
Published on: April 18, 2023 05:20 (EAT)
Shock after woman’s body stuffed in suitcase found dumped outside rental houses in Ruiru
Unidentified body wrapped in a suitcase found dumped outside rental houses at Kamakis in Ruiru, Kiambu County. PHOTO | MOSES NGIGE | CITIZEN DIGITAL

The body of an unidentified middle-aged woman has been found wrapped in a suitcase and dumped outside rental houses at Kamakis area on the Eastern Bypass in Ruiru, Kiambu County.
According to the authorities, the body - which is still fresh - had an injury on the right side of the face and on the right eye.

Police have hence claimed that the deceased might have been killed elsewhere and the body dropped in the area last night.

“Nobody has been able to identify the body; she looks like she was in her early twenties. There are no serious physical injuries apart from a slight one on the right side of her face, she may have been crushed on the wall,” Ruiru DCIO Justus Ombati told Citizen Digital.

Area residents led by Gikumari Chief Joseph Ndwiga condemned the act terming it as inhumane.

“We have never seen anything like this around here, we are very shocked and we ask relevant authorities to take up the matter for proper and conclusive investigation.” Ndwiga said.

Officers from Ruiru Police Station have collected evidence and details that will help them identify the body, and thereafter transferred it to City Mortuary for preservation pending autopsy.

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Hakuna haja ya kumurder, especially the young girls, they are just naive, hawajielewi, ata kama amekula fare, wachana naye, move on.

A very serious phenomenon. Many unbalanced and immature men who don’t know how to handle adversity in life.

Second, many women who don’t know they are not men and don’t respect men. They flippantly make a fool of a man and other things that are socially unacceptable and then behave as if it’s normal.

You read of the story of the lady who went to her man’s house akapasua TV. Man wakamrusha from balcony Hadi chini

Akikula fare unampeleka small claims court, the obtained money through false pretences.

mapema ndio best

@TrumanCapote are you still alive?

Shida ni wanaume walizaliwa late 90’s early '2000 wako na akili ndogo ya kutojua ukitombana bila cd utapatiana mimba so kumbafu badala ilee majukumu ,ikadecide gunia itatosha kama atasetiwa…unless msichana aligundua kijana ni shoga na atamuanika

Getting away with murder in Kenya is child’s play watu waji chunge