things are falling apart. kiambu county.

nyoro is just fed up. these characters we have as governors are a big let down.

Thats why i voted for Kabogo. At least during his term he did projects that were visible. Hii waititu kazi ni ku raid changaa dens and hopping from media houses to churches

The idiot Waititu is only taking bribes right, left and centre. Zero ideas, zero development, zero clue of what to do with kiambu

:D:D:D:D hebu semeni tena wakahare!

Kuleni ujeuri wenu.

At least the corrupt and inept babayao is not blaming civil servants for his non performance.

mother’s guild wataokoa yeye tena.

Well… You had to get rid of kabogo’s arrogance…
I want to say “I told you so” but haidhuru…

Hao slay queen wako huko nyuma wanyamaze.

I think as voters we have realized that watu wa degree za riva rori are not for the big office.

Sonko+Waititu…disgruntled deputy governors. Akili ndogo haiwezi tawala akili kubwa, and the Kenyan system of governance is proving this every day. Waititu and Sonko have questionable education backgrounds and that may be a reason that voters ignored.

He is drunk with power

Kaba waititu

I am a voter in Kiambu. Voting this idiot as governor is the most stupidiest thing ever. If u voted for Waititu wewe ni ng’ombe ya mwisho. The zeal and zest with which people voted this muhfucker just amazes me to this day. Waititu… governor… do u reason with ur anus?

:D:D:D:D Waititu ni boyz wangu , hajawai sumbua kulipa overdraft . na deputy wa Joho anakuwanga nani ?

Going against the law does not work in modern Kenya. The governors are drunk with power.

we are slowly realizing that, we need good administrators as governors and not good politicians, technocrats if i may say.

kizee umekuwa wapi.

Acha mushene

Explain, you could use algorithms ama hata BMI at least.

naomba unipatie hio nyuma yako nikule