Thimlich Ohinga

Its a shame africans have never had any written history. It would be instereting to findout the events that led to it construction.
Thimlich Ohinga is a complex of stone-built ruins in Migori county, Nyanza Kenya, in East Africa. It is the largest one of 138 sites containing 521 stone structures that were built around the Lake Victoria region in Kenya. These sites are highly clustered. [1][2] The main enclosure of Thimlich Ohinga has walls that vary from 1 to 3 meters in thickness, and 1 to 4.2 meters in height.[3] The structures were built from undressed blocks, rocks, and stones set in place without mortar.[3] The densely packed stones interlock. The site is believed to be more than 550 years old.

Scary jungle fortress - gives a rough idea.

Pretty neat…

These rock structures were built by the Maragoli. Maragoli then moved out and Luos took over the area with the ruins.

@Ndindu hizi vitu tulisema ziliundwa na foreigners or foreign influence… ama bado unakataa?

Hizi as well as the stone ruins in Tz and Zimbabwe. Otherwise the Luos would’ve built a few more of these before colonization.

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