Thieving mechanics Gutting the exhaust system

Now because we do not have any effective emissions law in the country, removing the catalytic converter in the exhaust system of cars has no legal consequences. removing the CAT increases engine output by about 1% or about 1 to 3 horsepowers for most cars. An horsepower is more than 700 watts and you are bound to feel it. it might affect your vehicle oxygen sensor accuracy and make the engine a bit noisier but cannot really harm the car.
The problem is that the mechanics who do it are not keen on increasing the output power of your car, but want the catalytic converter material. the catalyst is usually gold, platinum, rhodium and such other precious metal that can act as a catalyst without adding poison to exhaust fumes, which they sell for 10-15k? per loot to some guy who knows the extraction process. a new catalytic converter is usually very expensive so dont expect you can replace the one in your second hand car. So if you are to remove your CAT insist you carry everything removed with you. but you will be polluting the cities in exchange for 2hp. nani ameibiwa hii design?

Gio once posted about it.

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Experienced it with a mech along kangundo road 4 years ago. he was quick to remove it from a mazda bongo and told me it was useless.

All along I thought they are removed because if you use leaded fuel it clogs up and our fuel is not truly unleaded. This from a mechanic.

Leaded petrol is not sold anymore. At least not on kenya.


But in kenya?


kenya doesnt sell leaded petrol. It was phased out in mid 2000s. Maybe only Aviation gasoline at the airport for exclusive use in piston aircraft engine.
otherwise these japanese cars would fail immediately after importation. Modern cars are incompatible with leaded petrol because it fouls their internals. Addition of tetra ethyl lead became obsolete with development of high octane fuel. hukumbuki cheap leaded petrol disappeared? Ama you are not from the time we had two versions of fuel?


Mine went with some vaite pale gakoromone after my car became underpowered kama nimeenda kwa in laws

Boss, while fleeing PEV in 08 my bro and I drank leaded fuel.
The RX7 was running a modern SR20 turbo then. 3 inch through pipe and no catalytic converter.
Pick kama nduthi.


Do we still have leaded fuel in this republic?:confused:

I hope alikuwekea emulator after kuitoa.

Mine after kutoa…check engine since then. And no mechanic seems to have a solution coz if you check most cars made ya 2012 kuja mbele zinaonyesha check engine kwa dash…mostly pribox na box matatu. What is the best solution guys…

Yangu nliuza kitu 2500…nlijua no kugongwa but sikujua where to sell it at best price…

the solution is to install another catalytic converter. pesa mingi. or make adjustments to the oxygen sensors, but you have to be an engineer or well versed with the system to know what you are doing with the air/fuel ratio or you fuck up the car.

How is that? Kuweka spacer kwa O2 sensor?

kitu kama hiyo. or change its location to deny its access to exhaust fumes to a precise degree. so that the resistance it measures seems unaffected.

As I inferred up there, emulator.