Thief caught in Utawala

Choma yeye na taya

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Most of the thieves caught are usually malnourished and scrawny looking

Kill him and throw his body into the river

Thievery is usually the last option if you are starving

Or simply lazy to look for your living with your own sweat and intellect

The only punishment is a permanent punishment.
Cut a large flesh from his ass cheeks. He will see the scar and second guess about stealing

Matako iko nyuma, He will never see that, wavunje yeye mkono moja

Rustler we currently hiring aspiring thieves/robbers for the upcoming banditry season … bora tu uwe na roho ya wizi. The risks are low and your options simple; survive or die … the choice is yours. Pay is on commission; based on the overall condition of the loot minus expenses incurred by I (the company) in support of the operation including the provision of but not limited to: light arms, bullets, food, water, operational logistics, intel etc.

@johntez_addi_gaza_ms IKO KAZI