Thick n sweet

Just posted to see comments

I would prefer to use the [COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]FIRE EXIT!

huge jugs + stick legs+ flat behind = Kikuyu.

Where is that fire exit?

Looks like a hardcore mchele sniper,[ATTACH=full]363841[/ATTACH]

Vaa helmet wanakuja.

Hii ni chokosh,chakula ya @uwes

Is it the same person?

seems barely in her 20s na ame gonga ukuta ika bomoka !
would still hit it though na nichane mbuga kama swara !

I would hit with a condom

Nice Milk Pots …
The type you suck until Dry … :smiley: :smiley:


Eish buana! Nini hii sasa:rolleyes:


So you are aroused by this kinda specs

The Negative Backward Ethnic Stereotyping in here is just amazing …
Some of you in here have 60 year old minds … :smiley:

prove my assumptions/prejudices/stereotypes wrong. Is she Kikuyu or not? Amebakisha tu viatu za hwait :D:D

Can anyone here explain in simple terms what is so wrong about her … ??? :smiley: :smiley:

She’s got all kinds of flaws. For starters, her boobs are touching her knees - well, almost - and that’s when she is wearing a bra

  1. her eyes are to far apart. She reminds you of a giraffe

  2. Kujichora macho. It is indicative of deep-seated ugicagi. Ile iko hotwired kwa memory.

    (a) She looks like the type that’d apply the kiberiti theory.

  3. Stick legs. No need to elaborate that.

  4. Flat behind - even you, a cow lover can see she is different from your heifers.

6. nimechoka kutype.

Good Medium Size Specimen … :smiley:


Malaya chafu sana hii

Tongue out :meffi:
Timber :meffi:
Big panty lines :meffi:
Macromastia :meffi:
Nimechoka pia.