They will finish us men!

Men our money has been budgeted and planned for spending without us knowing.

Hii inafaa kua smile ama nini? Luckily I dont erect

If you have decided to think with the middle of your waist lazima unyoroshwe

All of them have too much makeup and even then they’re fugly.
Kinyozi is for haircut, I don’t need an ugly post-wall woman rubbing my shoulders for 8 minutes after the haircut, and tripling the cost of the haircut. Ain’t got time for that shit.

If I go there I will make sure I mate with one of those women

Wazi spirited miser

Kuna happy ending?


Definitely. They can’t dress like that na wakataze kum,a

Last pic hao wawili wa katikati nafyeka bila huruma

In life you must make your brain impervious to marketing gimmicks. In this Kanairo you must learn that everybody who is in business is after your money. After marketer understands the human brain regarding a person’s propensity to spend when they have money in the pocket. RESIST.
Be like Enigma. A haircut charged more than 100bob is not a haircut but a head Surgery.So many simple and decent places offer haircuts at that price in CBD and hurlingham. All you have to do is ask or look around. If you must nut on someone, do so on a budget. Otherwise utasota.

It’s heartbreaking that this is what these beautiful girls have to do to earn a living… Alafu what’s up with kila kinyozi turning into a brothel low key. Greedy business men that’s what. Hizi ati massage na kushikwa shikwa ni madoido za city incels. I still prefer Ben my kinyozi ananipigisha story funny kuruka and a smart shave all for 100 bob

Agwambo seems you have money issues…peleka ufukara huko Nyalenda braryfakin broke philosopher

Bora usilipe 150

Wameweka bei or we have to call?

kinyozi tunalipa 100 bob ya kunyoa. Will be very stupid to pay 3000 just for a fat woman to touch my head. Kama ni malaya nataka waacha nilende SJ nilipe tena.


No self respecting decent man got time for such nonsense

I always have two options when it comes to shaving: Its either I go to my all time barber (>6 years now) and come out with a fine look bila hata kuexplain how I want the hair done or cheat in this brothels disguised as Kinyozis get massages and come out with a not so good looking shave.


You can’t be parroting about paying cheap lanyes and can’t have a shave at a good place, hio ni ujinga boss.