They want you to be ga.y

Ndio msizaane. Their core agenda is homosexua.lity, pedophilia, drug use and abor.tion.


Oh shaiet!!!,they started with you and shipped you to Asslanta,the geh capital of the galaxy:D:D:D
Niaje patricia Rock is the first gay man to be featured on the cover of Playboy magazine (Playboy)

WEF top advisor to Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari is also ga.y and believes that homosexuality will be a core foundation of the 4th industrial revolution. He says that homosexuality should be normalized.



This thread is for @cortedivoire @Thirimaii @Weyn and @Baby Panay . They will feel at right place

Kuna venye nashuku Jews are behind this agenda.

Buda naona umeninokii mbaya…tafuta room uniite nije nikupumulie kisogo hadi utoe sauti nyororo


Ecclesiastes 1: 9

wacha wapunguze demand ya pussy in the market kwani nini

Hawa watu wameharibu playboy magazine kapsaa. Juzi tu they had Mbappe’s transgender lover on their cover, and now this ?!

I follow Bret on TikTok. If we were to meet Kona mbaya naeza mwingia dry fry bana. I can’t lie I’m in love with that bitch

They’re behind every depravity being pushed.