They want Kenya to abolish the death sentence.

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) proposes that capital offences such as murder, treason, robbery and unlawful administration of oath, for which the death penalty is prescribed, should attract life imprisonment.
This is exactly why Hessy and his partners are beloved by Kenyans who gives us instant justice. The parents of these thugs don’t even get the chance to bribe the OCS. I just wish there also was a Hessy for the high rollers, those who with a stroke of a pen, acquire billions of taxpayers money.

Kyoufo wo ishiete yarou

I know you secretly agree with that death sentence is good for society

Only question is who’s going to do it? Kill them.

ua yote

I would do it for free. Ati sijui mwanamme ameuwa bibi na watoto awekwe mbele yangu na nipewe pistol? I put a bullet in his skull. Kuna yule MCA from Riruta who killed that girl na wakamuosha na acid. I would not even hesitate to kill that one.

acha watu wakule kamba …kwani iko nn

the problem is that unlike in offences under tort or contract,you cannot measure justice.If you scratched my car i would be compensated for a happy amount,normally that equal to the damage.So what happens when you kill,rape or traffic them drugs?I think that to appreciate the injury caused by capital criminal offences it can only be fair to withhold the death sentence which anyway will serve to uphold the public good which is better than upholding morality in the name of ‘only God gives life,so only he should take it’.

Did you ever consider that some people are wrongly convicted and executed in this githeri judiciary.

The last time anyone was hanged in a Kenyan prison legally was in 1987 or 1988.

true.Heard that sweet Ouru couldnt have the guts to sign a fuckin death warrant.

Kuna watu who do not need to be around other people. Drug traffickers wapewe lengthy jela time. Lakini those who kill others cannot be left alive.