They Want Jobs not Food

Maybe the youths should be given books to read and advice to grow up instead.
Jobs are created by entrepreneurs, the govt cannot employ everyone. Infact kazi ya gova ni regulation, security, law enforcement and taxation, nothing more.
You want good hospitals, build one and employ good doctors, you want good schools, build them and employ competitive teachers, etc.

Alaf ile tax tunalipa ifanyiwe nini?

Well done… Now they should go directly to their chief employee, the governor. Wapewe kazi.

I thought I would never live long to experience your cow dung again. How wrong was I! How have African govts fared in regulation, security, law and order and taxation? What are taxes for?

The kafament takes over 50% of your output through various taxes like vat, income fuel, etc etc. When someone is taking half your sweat, you must demand they show what they have done with it.

How are young entrepreneurs creating businesses without capital?

And if you want investors / entrepreneurs to set up businesses, government should create tax free initiatives or tax credits to encourage investors or entrepreneurs to set up business. Your theory doesn’t hold water because of the above.

Logic example : kagame made sure there was no taxes on startups … guess what most IT businesses fled kenya to Rwanda en mass and most will never come back . They employed hundreds and thousands of Rwandans. The government went ahead and got PAYE from the employed. The same taxes they didn’t charge came back to them in a different way if not alot.

Now back to your dear country Kenya… go try a start up business hapo Gacororo uone taxes you will pay :nema taxes/fees, safety fees , central government fees , county fees, viewing/inspection fees.Most startups give up in the process . That’s how governments kills employments . It’s basic logic not complicated math .

Hii ndo ukweli wa mambo

BBI is addressing all this by giving startups and new businesses a 7yr tax holiday.

This thread is for level headed people . Jichunguze boss

What an extremely stupid statement. Why do you think tax gets paid. What sort of garbage reasoning is this

Mzee umebibamba…maliza huyo blind a$$ licker

This is some crony capitalism bullshit. The government should be the basic provider of quality healthcare and education in any country that is worth its salt.

Maliza hiyo mlamba matako ya Uhunye

Italipa chayna , balance inanunuaga zile mashati na pombe kina konyangi ukunywa .add tissue papers and naskiaga za statehouse moja ni 20k

Hehe … kwani ni tissue ya glass?

Seems you should also read those books


The youth in Ghana are ahead of our youth…huku ata ungeskia stampede ilifanyika but i like this hio ni wake up call.