They thought of everything - Alien Insurance


Since 1987, The Saint Lawrence Agency in Florida has been graciously selling through The UFO Abduction & Casualty Insurance Company what it calls “the perfect policy for anyone who thinks they have everything covered.” Here’s how this alien abduction insurance works:

[li]You get $10 million in coverage for a mere $9.95. If you want the gold embossed policy mailed with same day shipping, it’ll cost you $19.95. Why not splurge a little, right?[/li][li]The benefit doubles to $20 million if the aliens require conjugal visits, refer to you as a food source or “the other white meat”, or produce any offspring referred to as “the missing link”. It’s clear these folks over at The Saint Lawrence Agency have a great sense of humor.[/li][li]In the event you’re abducted by aliens and returned again to earth, you’ll need to provide proof of abduction (alien signature) with your claim form. Then, once the claim is approved, you can look forward to receiving a $1 check each year until your passing or for 10 million years, whichever comes first. Therein lies the catch.[/li][/ol]

Looks like an insurance policy I’d buy

Is ALIEN abduction true or just an imagination?

Uncle Uwes you abducts pple?

ALIENs can only abduct momos.

cheki about Phoenix lights and Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident,the best documented alien incidents