They never voted...

As kuumira brigade woke up at 3am
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Wajinga ndio…

development ni ya kila nyani. wacha wao pia wafanyiwe.

Dasani wewe kwa macho yangu ni ghassia meffi takataka
Kama sikuvote so??

Look at the wider picture…
development of those structures will definitely impact positively on the 254 GDP since the full potential of Lake Victoria will be ready for exploitation.
BUT, only if corruption is kept at bay in their construction and subsequent management.

And they don’t burn /loot/steal when baba is rigged again in 2022

Manze kwanza kalejinga maize farmers vile wamefinywa na jubilee gafament:D:D
This is a message to kuumira brigade who vote using their empty skulls:upgrade your political maturity si ata unaamka asubuhi saa kumi kupeleka Raira Bondo:D
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:D:Dwhy do you think Moses Kuria is more popular that Uhuru in Mt Kenya regions? Uhuru neglected the region vibaya but he will know he is hated the day he attempts to promote Raila in the region.

But votes don’t count

They need it to be a close race to rig.

He got nothing to loose. He is president for all not central pekee

But he will try to continue with dynasty manenos and that’s when he will get the rude awakening.

You only need to vote, from there they will decide who will win

Hii kipii ya Ngina wacha itoke 2022 kazi itakuwa kutoka hii koti kuingia koti ingine.

The dynasty vibe is too far-fetched in this Republic.

and sadly many people don’t realize this. voting is a formality

That is what you are made to believe by raila, it is very difficult, almost impossible to rig in a president when the difference in votes is more than 5%. This means you have to add fake votes to more than 5 counties that have large numbers of voters without being detected. You have to know that the total number of votes per county can be narrowed down to each polling station. This kind of rigging is very expensive and risky for a lot of people have to involved. Rigging in a presidential candidate is almost impossible and it is highly likely to create chaos and confusion like 2007. Where you could find more votes than the registered number of voters in a polling station. This would dillute the credibility of the whole election and it would be nullified or cause protest and violence

my friend we don’t just post out of ignorance, it is something tangible and valid. And it happens not only in Kenya, but in many African countries. Jacob zuma was a victim the other day, when the system turned against him.we can’t go into much details but it’s factual and proven.

Proven by who, you. Do not be fooled by jacob zuma and msando death etc those are politics. look for concrete evidence, numbers and how they were altered to differ from the real votes cast.