They killed the young man and stole ihs livestock


Tupende amani nduguzanguni

Alarms are on

Ganja 1 might go down as the worst nightmare kenya ever had!

the kalenjiins can’t start giving conditions for peace to the kikuyus, based on 2022. someone have to stand up to them.

nah ! ! ! for what ?

2022, Parts of RV will be heavily manned , hii upussy wapeleke mbali. tension is in RV good though, for it will alienate Ruto in Mt. Kenya region.

pokots and turkanas kills and steal livestock from each other every day.what is so special for a shiny eye to be killed during theft?if you go to rome,do what the romans do.hii mambo ya entitlement itaisha.ruto 2022 liwe liwalo

You’re a bigger Idiot than Ojingas and Kenyatta. Which Kalenjin has given you the conditions of peace based on 2022 politics? You’re buying into the nonsense that the media loves. Low IQ people like yourself are the reason why Kenya is where it is. Na hii ujinga ya Kusema parts of RV will be manned, who will man it? You? Of course you’ll be holed up in your house crying for peace on twitter just like the other fool Kiptoo who’s gone into hiding.

No I think the exact areas to be manned in eldoret are as follows with no apparent order, burntforest, cheptiret, kesses, lessos, kapsabet, chepterit, kiambaa, mile nne, kitale. the millitary should patrol and their presence felt from as early as 2020. in 2007 when they spoke silently on madoadoa, nobody thought it would be big. let them not even think they can do it again.


The way he speaks one would think he has fought several wars. Stupid man.

Will the military also patrol Kibera? Mt Elgon? Kisumu? Kisumu Mathare? What about pokot? Garissa? Mombasa? Lamu? Or you think that you’ve got 2022 figured out and all the tribal dynamics?

The problem with Kenya is to think that we are better than other African countries. I was once told by a Burundian in 2005 about the fact Kenya was going to experience bloodshed in 2007. I laughed because I knew that we were better than Burundians - until when it happened and that’s when i knew were just as dumb.

Those area you quoted people have no God-given attitude to land belonging to them. you must understand the dynamics. in kisumu, mombasa and mtelgon there was no land war. these people engaged police in running battles. which the govt can and will contain.

Alafu kukiharibika nugu itakunja mkia ipotelee leafy slums

You seem to be totally unaware of why we have violence in Kenya. What if people believe that the presidency is a right to their tribal deity? Is that less dangerous? Were the deaths of 2017 less dangerous because people didn’t fight for land but they fought for their tribal deity to be president? Did the people in Kalenjin-land forget their God-given right to land in 2017?

Whatever happens in 2022 Ouru is still a big let down. He did not need to burn existing bridges in order to forge new allies.

How much is your IQ ? If you have nothing to say don’t quote me.

Is this the high IQ you are talking about ?

If Ruto is handed the Presidency, where’ll Kenya be in 2032 ?

2022 was not Ourus card to deal. Angekaa kando and let the people decide and not take part in actions that seem to frustrate DP chances. Kama watamchagua sawa, wakikataa sawa

Bensouda ebu come kidogo