They found a new continent called zealandia

Alafu hii story ya flat earth Vs Globe…what interest would anybody have in people believing either case ?

Is tiktok a reliable source of scientific research data ? Tena the presenter looks like a thug , a pickpocket like mbwa @cortedivoire

Sisi wa “Flat Earth” tumejua hii story kuanzia zamani. As the guy in the video ‘akss’, “they have satellites and they didn’t know this?” Its because satellites and the whole globe earth thing is a hoax. Its sci-fi. The indian Bhavagad Gita gives a very detailed explanation of how our world and universe is constructed (flat with 8 lands and 8 oceans in concentric circles spanning over billions of kilometers).

Locally, the moon is a reflection (or a map) of our sector of the expansive earth. If you are curious enough, check out this channel for deeper learning.