They Don't Make Them This Good Anymore

Possibly the best season intro of all time.

Seasons 1(Scofield) n 2(Mahone) were fire.

I remember how Mahone hunted them down. RIP Haywire and Tweener (remember his wide eyed chic) who were downed by Mahone

Dr. Sarah Tancredi pia hakuangusha kikosi…she did well…too bad i cant get it on Netflix,can watch it all over again.

Overall the main cast did a stellar job.
Bellick, Sucre, C-Note (u feel me?), Tbag, Lechero, Don Self, Kellerman, Gretchen, The big black guy in ssn 4, the asian tech guy in ssn 4,

One guy I found acting was subpar was D. Purcell (Linc). Hakuwai niconvince. BTW pia kwa Blood red sky(NF) alinikalia off kiasi

Huwezikosa Telegram

Uko na link mkuu ama nichangamke?


Telegram: Join Group Chat

You literally just have to search by the title and the series will pop up

torrenting is easier

Hii series nitajipata ninawatch tena.:smiley: