They cannot stop reggae. They will not stop MAGA!!

I think we all agree when we say that a 43 or 44 year old healthy male specimen like the njaruo @Tom Bayeye should maintain his constitutional right to hold on to his foreskin. It is his constitutional right to keep his pound of flesh, but within the spirit and framework of the BBI and handshake it would also be acceptable if Thomas Bayeye Ochuotho can have the option to chop his foreskin off.

I don’t understand what @Tom Bayeye Ochuotho is so afraid of. His fear for the sharp blade clouds his judgement.

Anyway as we proceed maybe this Luo man will come forward and tell us why he is so scared of the sharp blade. I think we need to give him moral support during this trying period.

Meanwhile the two small boys who own Google are trying their very best to block our duly elected President Trump but they won’t win.

This is not democracy. Infact Google has gotten to the point where if you search anything concerning Trump they flood the results with CNN negative articles. But it is okay. You cannot stop reggae!

I want to inform Google that there are other unbiased search engines. In fact Google has become useless as a search engine. One sometimes has to verify with 3 or 4 others when looking for something specific.


Meanwhile … @Kahuni Maisha


Sema Patricia, bando unauza mkundu pale Kajiado?

Since when did you believe in polls. I thought polls dont work. They are not scientific. They are fake, taka taka. Biased.


We are not fools. We know that that polls are by the very same fake news media.

I have noticed that news stations have started getting worried that their tv ratings and earnings are going down RAPIDLY so what they are doing is similar to Kenya’s Daily Nation last year when the DN was prodding Ruto to do something, the U.S media are prodding Trump to run again. To make some noise, cause a commotion. Fake news are trying to tell Trump, “Hey your numbers look good come back we need your noise to survive!”

Even Fox has started pretending to be very nice to Trump. Wameona Newsmax inakuja na ubaya.

Check back in 10 years when they leave the cult and no longer believe Tom Hanks eats babies.

Historical perspective will rank Trump as the no.1 worst president ever, among Republicans and Democrats.

Nyamgondho wacha kiburi.

only a fool does not see his own stupidity… you out here chest-thumping but trump is aging like a cabbage. even rightwing media is distancing itself from the buullshit… the sad part is you are a brainwashed bonobo whose only joy is a white dick in the bum. so quit being a bitch and accept reality.

Unaelewa maana ya “distancing itself”?