They are now willing to say anything to FORCE you to get that vaccine.

Fear mongering.



[SIZE=6]One week ago, he mocks the vaccine:[/SIZE]


[SIZE=6]Yesterday ndiye huyu:[/SIZE]


How about the many that have developed complications and even died after receiving the vax.

But they didnt mock the vax. And how many died because they didnt receive the vaxx?



Yaani mnyambo spreads covid? I dont know how true that is but niokotwe Gikosh. :D:D

Kush yule mnono alisema ati he will be vaccinated only if itamzuia kupata chakula.

But scare tactics seems to be the game.

[SIZE=6]Project Fear: MSM is doing the government’s Covid …[/SIZE]
It has taken some doing, and not everyone was on board initially, thanks largely to some unexpected reactions with the AstraZeneca jab, but public health officials across the globe, with the help of the mainstream media, have now stoked up Project Fear in an effort scare people into complying with vaccine demands.

Is the Vax some kind of spiritual being that comes to exterminate those who mock it?