They are all the same

Handshake really worked magic.Ati this guy is pro the way govt is handling the Corona virus thing.


Jaruos believe everything he says. After this statement, if you criticize the government’s handling of the corona situation in front of one, you might receive a beating for daring to challenge baba.

I thought you would support Raila on this one with you being you being the top Chinese lover in Africa.

Nani anapenda China kukuliko? Hata Gathecha hapendi China kukuliko.

We have no opposition. But we thank Nyasae for him and his idiocy. He is the sole reason Cendro wants to send UK packing. We do not want to be controlled like puppets for 50 more years by the Kenyattas. Uhuru should be the last Kenyatta to kalia that seat.

Na ile kijiji ingine nimeona Budspencer the other Chinese lover hating on China like a motherfucker. Wonders never cease.

Ati wasikubalishwe wakanyage Kenya. Wonders never cease.

But then I saw this below and I knew I must be in the Twilight Zone…


Siku hizi hata watu wa Huawei hawataki kuziona wala kuziskia. Oh how times change. :D:D:D

“Don’t dare let those filthy Chinese on Kenyan soil!”

I never thought I’d see the day.

@patco welcome beck.

Jomo will kalia it in ten years to come

Uhuru’s son you mean? if you guys allow it as I saw today in Meru.

Yes uhurus son.

Good luck with it all.