These small foolish boys will show us news

The woke generation who know their rights and can’t bend their “principles” :D:D:D
Do these foolish boys know us entrepreneurs (legit businessmen, not those wash wash crooks) put in up to 16 hours a day to ensure the business remains afloat so they can earn their salos? Washienzi sana hii watoto.

If he’s on a fixed salary, he can stay hours without expecting extra compensation, but he should be given some sort of bonus.
Lakini kama he’s an hourly employee, his actions are justified.

Kuna siku umewai fungua cyber 16hrs…eeeehhh nawe…gani hiyo

Before curfews ilikuwa very normal kufungua 7am na kufunga 11pm au midnight.

lakini we hukaa kunyanyasa mtu sana

If his contract said that he should work for 8 hours a day then he is justified. Any more work past the 8 hour shift should be compensated not necessarily money but maybe other incentives.

You’re right. Now all he needs to do is use his zero savings to hire a lawyer and sue for wrongful termination, after which the court will award him millions in compensation.

We pereka ujinga uko… Employee wa cyber anawork 16hrs kusaidia nani apate salo

depends on the contract,he can counteract if it says otherwise.I remember my last contract spoke of “odd hours when needed” but angalau ilikua na deputation allowance of 20% ya salo and i would have like 5 sets of odd hours per month ,pesa haikua mbaya,I had the right to refuse duty if the hours were not in the parameters stated in the contract

Boss hii story imekuuma sana :smiley: Ama ni vile hakuna mtu ameku support ukiwork 16 hours… Anyway he doesnt need to sue for wrongful termination let him just cut loses and move on; the way he has just said with zero savings its time to hit the roads again!

Tangu lini captain obvious kajali what others think? Tangu lini jameni? I’m telling you about a fact of life kijana…business owners put in more hours than their stupid employees. Maybe your employer wants to save your job by asking you to put in an extra hour lakini unaona it’s too much of a sacrifice. During a pandemic that has made everything unpredictable. Where thousands of people have lost jobs or had to take massive pay cuts, a ghaseer resigns because he’s been asked to put in a measly extra hour. I’m sure it wasn’t a specialist occupation but a job that anyone else can do with some quick training. Heneway, maybe anaeza rudi kuishi an mamake vile ulifanya after kupoteza kazi.

Kenyans are generally an entitled lot. As someone who has been an employee and a business owner, most guys are happy putting in the minimum hours which they scrounge on anyway by engaging in side shows at the expense of work. I once had a boss who could not account for his typical day.

Jamaa hana savings lakini ana courage ya kupost upuzi Facebook. Akwende na huko, haongezi value kwa uchumi ya kenya

Na utapata amekuja kazini late several days, na akaextend lunch, na akatoka mapema jioni. And he is chatting and sexting during working hours. Ju according to him mshahara analipwa ni ndogo.

They will be compensated by the returns. Ama wanasplit profits na wafanyikazi. The worker should be properly compensated and no exvuse such as yours should be used to deny them their sweat

This is clearly a case of a “parasitic owner of capital” exploiting the common man

I’m with him. As an employee I never agreed to work one second more than I was being paid for. Like him I was also sacked for it once.

:D:D si uko na mazarau kijana. Hujaona cyber ikijenga flat mzima… iko na macyber zingine huko chini.

How do guys who do not support the vision of their employer expect to succeed?

by saving up and building their own vision