We remember kijana wa bangi @Zipperman akiwa korogosho. :D:D


…I had to attend an emergency family
gathering at my cousins rented flat today
afternoon. A serious meeting which was
attended by almost all of the senior family
members. Now. I’m a Guinness guy, had a
heavy breakfast and githeri fry for lunch
so by the time the meeting took off, the
contents of my stomach, including those
mayai boil of last night, were threatening
to explode. So I excused my self to go to
the loo only to discover that its IN the
living room. Yaani between me and those
guys was only about one inch of plywood.
So I went in to do my business and thats
when all hell broke loose. If you’ve ever
drank guinness, you know that that toilet
will be out of bounds for everything
including mosquitoes for about an hour
after use. There should even be a sign
saying no naked flames. Then, It just
wouldn’t come out. So I pushed, and
pushed. Hell. I almost burst a vein. And I
must have been groaning. Then it came. A
thundering, roaring wave noisy as can be,
and me sighing in sweet release. Then.
Silence. In the loo and in the next room. I
think they for a moment might have
thought they’ve lost me. Long story short, I
finished my business, flushed, washed my
hands, thought of leaving through the
window but it was too tiny, so I had to
face them. And the pong I created. All
because some daft architect couldn’t place
that loo elsewhere. The meeting ended


I can safely say the “architect” for the said house was no real architect with proper architectural schooling. Maybe the plan was bought along Nairobi streets from vendors.
Architects in the house can comment on my view.

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But the story!

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:D:D:D:D:D:D@Shocks waitwa hapa

:D:D:D:Dyou just made my day

:D:D:D:D:D:DUngepitia kwa hako kadirisha

hahahahahaha…sasa hi ndiyo hekaya

wewe masomo mingi wacha…furahia hekaya nyumba tutajenga baadae


choo inafaa kujengwa 1km away

@zipperman ni @karema-hitI if I am not wrong!

Most urban residents face that predicament. Was it a bedsitter in Pipu?

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:D:D:D:D:DKaribu nikuite pia. Uliona ile iliwekwa hapa last evening, choo na kitchen ni moja!

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hahaha umenimalisa


sijapata time vizuri…nitaitafuta

leo mumevuta nini :D:D:D:D


Ndio hii sketch ya hiyo nyumba.
(Sijui ni nani alikuwa amepost hii picha jana)


Niko kwa Drum.

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hahahahaha dam