These njunurist should be arrested, they are doing harassment to our saviour.

Our vaccine lord and saviour, Pfizer ceo, getting harassment, kwani davos hawana mean looking gsu.
Kenyans we need to export talent.


These reporters are just trying to justify their mode of questioning and blowing their own trumpet.
But ilikuwa kama kupigia Mbuzi guitar.

dude will suicided

heheheh!!!, its been a long time coming

God bless antony bourla, his wife and 2 shuduren back in thicalonika, greece. Naskiaga mavi ya huyu musungu hainukangi.

wazungu do not operate on the same level as bonobos just trying to do shit for the sake of it or for the gram.

True. You should know something about that.

I imagine francis gachuuuuri akihoji huyu msungu akijichukua selfie na tecno yake.

The amount of “burning your head in the sand” level on this thread is amazing, , fantastic :smiling_face:,

:D:D:D:D:D:D how much millions did you make personally out of your fake vaccine?
Are you proud sir walking around knowing your deception caused death in streets ?:D:D:D:D:D will you refund the nations which funded your sham vaccine?

“Are you used to sympathetic media, so you don’t know how to answer any questions?” :D:D

At least angejibu maswali kadhaa