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Tunajua wewe ni msenge. Wacha kujifanya unapenda wanawake.

Number 1 & 2nd last msuri saaana. Hio ingine ni takataka kama @uwestakataka

nguruwe ntakutomba mkundu utulize nyege

Asante @Ssess

Kwani umemaliza mcoosh ya machokosh wote wa Oyole? jinga

Malisa yeye [ATTACH=full]417314[/ATTACH]

I don’t want to be a kill joy here

But we need to marry women with substance like Candace Owens.

Listen to Candace Owens every time she speaks, you’ll like her.

We need to raise daughters who can become like Candace Owen and it starts by marrying a high quality women.

Remember, a person who failed in Maths, cannot teach another to how pass Maths.

It’s the same with the woman you choose to marry, she cannot mold children who are too different from who she is.

If you marry a woman whose only value was her boobs and butt, you will end up children who are average or probably worse than her.


pewa vikombe mbili ya chai moto