These kind of Bathrooms.

These kind of Bathrooms, are trending in the west, mostly in those expensive condos.
So, when you guys hit that mark, get yourselves a morden bathroom.


It’s not that expensive to do this…

Maheni…that exquisite finish sio cheap!

:D:Dcheki hiyo flash tank mahali iko. @Panyaste niaje buda

Floaters go in one flush .

huoni iko na Kamba juu ya tumidget like my tiny bro?

These bathroom are good but not practical in any way really. No matter how you really put that anyway. See my point. You can all do the same but with less of that crazy old style, you need to get a lot of cash to really put this out for that matter anyway.

hizo vitu hazipitishi 100k.

@Randy how much is expensive to you? The tab itself is 100k upwards , the sink setup is also in the 70k up, the glass set if you use but kawa, around 20k , the shower is in the 20k range the toilet in the 18k upward.
So what is expensive to you?
The prices quoted based on quality and what’s available in the market . You can come close to a cheap version but , say 150k hall.

Take that 100k and see what you’ll leave the shop with .

Cost in NYC as follows:

Marble floors = $1,500
Marble wall tiles = $2,500
Glass shower fixtures = $1,800
Chandelier = $650
Cabinet = $ 950
Labor = $2,000
Total = $9,350

You can tell from that pic this is done in a very old building. Probably initially built in the 1910s.

Bro, the only expensive thing in that bathroom is the wash hand basin vanity and probably the copper faucets… the rest is easy.
Most of the material used in that bathroom are local available.

Workmanship is the big problem. Your finishing will look like hell in Kenya- 90% of the time.

Marble and the soaker tub are not cheap

I’m imagining that TLC ama some Chinese shop utapata these things for cheap

You get what you pay for… we have craftsmen who are competent and can deliver quality for a reasonable sum if you now where to look.

Tembea ujionee, T &C kwanza ndio utahepa, but the quality is very good , hizo vintage taps and shower hapo CTM .

That is not marble… the bath tub is available at asl for 70k
Half of this bathroom is covered by wallpaper and and tiles its not that expensive.

A good bathroom is basically a mini sanctuary… i am willing to spend good amount on my bathroom when the time comes.

Floor is marble. The wall is a faux finish. They hand paint it. Bathroom wall has tile. It is actually a very simple bathroom.