These Kids nowadays

The three suspects (from left) Edward Mburu Nduati, George Ngugi Waithera aka Ngochi and Stephen Karanja Kamau. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Police have arrested three suspects who have been linked to a spate of supermarket robberies in Juja.
The three were arrested on Saturday with a homemade pistol and three rounds of ammunition.
According to the police, the suspects are believed to be behind several robberies in the area.
The homemade pistol and rounds of ammunition recovered from the three suspects. PHOTOS | COURTESY
The three suspects have been identified as Edward Mburu Nduati, 24,George Ngugi Waithera aka Ngochi, 23, and Stephen Karanja Kamau, 21.
Police said the three suspects will be arraigned in court on Monday to answer to robbery with violence and other criminal charges.

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)][SIZE=6]Does this shitty looking pistol really work? does it work like those ones I was taught how to make as a kid…ya Reeds from the granary roof[/SIZE]

Homemade pistol wueh.

how does it fire naa trigger looks like imechomelewa hapo tu…
the bolt at the back?

Ukiiona peana tu usiexperimentiwe nayo.

They look like brothers…these people.

Why always them?

How does it work? pulling the spring backwards or what?

Some compassionate judge will jail them for 5 years. In 6 years they will be hardened and by coincidence they will target that same judge

Robbery with violence , does the judge have a choice really ? ama ni hangman ?

Is it me ama hizi sura ni funny? Wakatikati uso mrefu kama matiti ya …wacha tu. Wa tatu forehead kama tako la right la @retrofart

It’s my hope they get 20 years minimum lakini Kenyan judges are known to under sentence hard criminals

It shoots 1 - 2 pre-loaded rounds as per hessy explanation…which are as deadly as those fired from a real pistol


A gun is a mechanical thing, haitumii stima. So do not think that the homemade thing can’t fire-heck maumau used such and shot afew wazungus

You should understand the mechanism of what ignites a bullet (bullet head and a hammer na sio nyundo)

That’s a trigger which can be converted to be a hammer ,risasi inawekwa moja ndani ya gun what you’re calling trigger inasukumwa ndani ya hio shimo , squeezed backwards and released to hit the bullet head which has gunpowder igniting it to release the bullet head ,tuko pamoja?

Too much info…kwa raiya!

Brothers in crime

Dose names doh hahahaha

Robbery with violence is a capital punishment offence under penal code.