These Fuckers are Back. We will have a new Corona Wave soon

Yani these fuckers are willing to spread corona for this nansence? Shenzi!


I’m not putting my mouth where another nigga mouth been

This should be done in a more hygienic manner.

Don’t drink if you are driving on the highway. Refuse to put that gadget into your mouth.

This is akin to putting your mouth on a sewer pipe

Thats assmio government for you, shafting you every hole, and btw you have to take your jalopy for ‘inspection’ to private assmio affliated assesors every two years towards uthamakistan.

Cunnulungus unaweza

If this is what will stop the wanton carnage on our roads, then be it! Dont drink and drive if u r worried of being exposed to corona virus…and by the way, si wadau mlisema corona virus ni hoax?

Corona is real but exaggerated

The plastic tip is disposable

But the corona virus is not

I support the alco blow, too many drunk morons on the road for the safety of other users. As for the corona excuse @mbwakali has covered it.

Jamaa anatoka Sabina joy kulamba maovu(kama talkers wengine)…huyoooo ndomo kwa alcoblow halafu wengine tupitie hapo tena…Disgusting.

But not practical in our corrupt 3rd world country.

Mlevi hana time ya kuhakikisha kama inebadilishwa au bado. Yeye ni kupuliza tu kisha ampelekee mkewe herpes na hepatitis.

:smiley: men go down on women daily but all of a sudden they now have concerns about getting a mild flu from alcoblow

Under very embarrassing circumstances nimepuliza hizo vitu this year twice kwa station. Trust me bro, there are carton boxes full of those tips. Anyhow, I quit hio mkojo after kudandiwa the second time . Sahii I drink like once every two months nikiwa 5km radius away from jalopy