These Bisshes Man!

Long and short of it - horny Kamba gal runs away from her marital home, leaving behind her three shundren including a 9-month baby. That is in 1975.

Runs all the way to Meru and gets remarried. Doesn’t even utter a singo word about where she comes from (Mumeru alipatiwa ngem akapagawa) to her new in-laws.

Damn bissh gets 7 more shundrens (you can bet only 0ne or two belong to the Meru ninja - hao wengine ni wa maneibas, Mkamba na mboro ni kama paka na maziwa) and then 43 years later somehow decides to reconnect with the family she ditched.

Even Nollywood can’t come up with such a ferked up script…


Uko kwa hii mix ama ni habari unatupea tu Guka?



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Acha ufala, post ya Guka iko ma rink.

[I]Mwikali added that problems started when one of their uncles passed on and their father was told to inherit the wife.

Their mother was too opposed to this and she ran away.[/I]



Hawa tumezoea.

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She ran away then came back… The oxymoron…

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Mbona mnachafulia wakamba jina


Alitoroka akarudi… direct translation.

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@FieldMarshal CouchP since you never mentioned a wife, is she your long lost wife?



Sunday neshen iko na hii story.

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Nyakundi said #Resist

She is just too selfish.

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She was only interested about her interest. Never cared about the children left behind for all the 43 years only to show up when they are old. Saa hio maybe her children faced untold suffering due to her absence as a mother int their lives

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but Meru amelishwa vizuri , wameru wako juu . if she left 3 children behind 43 years ago , ako how old saa hii lets say alikuwa na watoi watatu at 23 years

:D:D wakanesa wameshinda

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