These assholes sold away our country and these are the kwensekwenses



Arap Mashamba the land-grabber will change this status quo, right? He is different from other land-grabbers in that he is a Johnny come lately, therefore he will challenge the white landowners and give their land back to the Kenyan people, right?

Ile ujinga iko hii Kenya, wacha tu.

Hizo conservancy houses huko Laikipia wanakuanga wameficha billionaires huko wenye wameingia Kenya chini ya maji…they usually hold sex parties and others shoot porn with local girls…so wakiona negro unazunguka maraundi ovyo ovyo na camera wanafikiri we ni detective au paparazzi…


Visitors to the conservancies pay all there fees abroad Kenya sees non of the cash tax wise ! The only reason I support them is because I would hate to see my uncle mwaura cut them up to 60 * 80 maguta maguta plots.